Digital TV

What is Digital TV?

“Digital” refers to the way in which TV channels are broadcast and received in your homes. TV channels in Singapore are now broadcast in both Analogue and Digital formats. Since December 2013, Mediacorp has been transmitting all free-to-air channels in Digital format under the DVB-T2 television standard. The existing Analogue TV channels will be switched off on 31 December 2018 and all Mediacorp TV channels will be broadcast in Digital only.

Why do i need to switch to Digital TV?

Switching to Digital TV is necessary as the world is moving away from Analogue to Digital broadcasting. Going Digital will allow the government to free up frequency spectrum which can be used for higher quality and faster mobile services that ultimately benefit consumers. We can all play a part in our nationwide transition to Digital TV.

What is DVB-T2?

DVB-T2 stands for Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial. It is an extension of the television standard, DVB-T, created for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television. DVB-T2 is adopted as the industry standard in key European and Asian countries. It offers higher efficiency, robustness and flexibility, enabling efficient use of valuable terrestrial spectrum for the delivery of audio, video and data services to fixed, portable and mobile devices.

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