Symptoms of Washing machine fault

Facing some issues with your washing machine?

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It is important to call us whenever the machine doesn’t work, exhibits some unusual behaviors or any of the symptoms below.

  • The machine trips the mains power
  • Water leaks on the floor, either when in operation, not in operation or both
  • Unusual jumps when in operation operating
  • The tumbler spinning wildly
  • Inefficient cleaning or drying
  • Gives an electric shock touched
  • Control panel doesn’t work,
  • All or some of control panel lights not working
  • All detergent is not being used during the cycle
  • Unusual noise during operation
  • sounds loose parts or bolts rattling around
  • Machine does not power on, totally dead and does not do anything.
  • Does not wash/rinse/dry even though one can hear a low hum
  • Doesn’t pump out the water
  • the drum does not turn or attain required speed
  • The door not opening
  • Faulty timer
  • smoke coming from the drum
  • Any other fault

Our washing machine repair professionals in singapore are able to diagnose and repair all the above problems and much more. After diagnosis and determining the cost of parts and labor, we may advise the client to replace the machine when the repair is not economically viable.

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