Washing Machine Maintenance

Nowadays customers have a wide range of choices depending on their needs, budget and available features. Options range from simple manual machines to complex automatic machines that can perform various functions such as filling, empting, washing, spinning, drying and more.

The machines may further be identified as either front loading or top loading. Their power requirements and consumables are likewise varied.

Irrespective of the type, design, size or workload, your goal is to get the maximum benefit from your washer. Achieving this requires careful handling, periodic maintenance, and repairs whenever problems occur. The choice of your appliance repairer is very important and that is why you will have made the right and best choice by calling us.

By engaging our company, we assist you with the best handling procedures and also offer you the best repair and maintenance services that ensure your machine serves you over a long time.

Top Hong Traders have highly skilled, industry trained technicians, fully equipped with, the state of the art tools, advanced maintenance procedures and repair techniques. This guarantees you an uninterrupted and efficient operation. Our superior, honest and reliable services are available island-wide.

The best you can do is to observe proper operational procedures and leave the preventive maintenance and repairs to Top Hong Traders. Remove the guesswork from all your washing machine repairs and leave everything to us.

Our expertise includes installations, periodic maintenance services and repairs. During the periodic preventive maintenance, we check and fix all loose connections, clean up the unit and advice on whether there are failing parts. Doing this, helps the customer, plan ahead, take the necessary steps and avoid complete machine failures. Our experts will also inspect your machine and assist you increase its energy and operational efficiency and hence allow you to save on energy and time.

We have established ourselves a reputable repair firm with the expertise and friendly customer service whom you can entrust and rely on for your entire machine’s repair and maintenance.

It is important to call us whenever the machine doesn’t work, exhibits some unusual behaviors or any of the symptoms below.

  • The machine trips the mains power
  • Water leaks on the floor, either when in operation, not in operation or both
  • Unusual jumps when in operation operating
  • The tumbler spinning wildly
  • Inefficient cleaning or drying
  • Gives an electric shock touched
  • Control panel doesn’t work,
  • All or some of control panel lights not working
  • All detergent is not being used during the cycle
  • Unusual noise during operation
  • sounds loose parts or bolts rattling around
  • Machine does not power on, totally dead and does not do anything.
  • Does not wash/rinse/dry even though one can hear a low hum
  • Doesn’t pump out the water
  • the drum does not turn or attain required speed
  • The door not opening
  • Faulty timer
  • smoke coming from the drum
  • Any other fault

Our professionals are able to diagnose and repair all the above problems and much more. After diagnosis and determining the cost of parts and labor, we may advise the client to replace the machine when the repair is not economically viable.

As much as appliances play a useful role in our lives, they can be dangerous if not handled with care. You should never try to service or fix your washing machine unless you are qualified. This is dangerous and can be avoided by calling a certified and qualified professional.

Our friendly professionals will ensure your safety, and get your machine back to work in the shortest time possible and at a friendly budget. We will also give you a warranty on the parts replaced and labor if the same problem recurs.

To get your machine back to work, or simply have one of our experts perform a preventive maintenance, feel free to call us 8228 8282 at or email admin@tht.com.sg

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